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FIGHT FOR EARTH - the new Single of Global Groove LAB - out now!

Hallelujah - a beautiful song from Alicia Keys, here sung by me for you!

9 month pregnant & the first time with Loop: The Cherokee Morning Song


RONJA*s invite to Babü on 27th of April

Our new video of the Paper Remix from Global Groove LAB - Yeah!:)

RONJA* @ Musikalischer Adventkalender 2016

Global Groove LAB live @ Global Beatz Festival

RONJA* & LIVING TRANSIT live at Babü Festival

RONJA* & LIVING TRANSIT live at Wiener Konzerthaus

RONJA* & LIVING TRANSIT live at Jeunesse X

RONJA*s Wonderland live at ZWE

RONJA* unplugged

Global Groove LAB- Global Cocek (official video)

Global Groove LAB - Albumteaser"

Global Groove LAB live at Balcony TV"