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FIGHT FOR EARTH is out now! YEAH! :)

We are so proud and happy about our new Single "Fight for Earth" from my band Global Groove LAB. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do. All important links to platforms as Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and Songinfo you can find here:

Watch our video FIGHT FOR EARTH here!

FIGHT FOR EARTH out on June 29th! :) Pre-order now!

Whoop whoop this Friday is the big day. We finally gonna release our new single "Fight for Earth" with Global Groove LAB. I`m really looking forward to this one. You can already pre-order on iTUNES, follow the link:

THANK YOU SO MUCH - you made it possible!!! :)

Big thanks to everyone who invested into our new single "Fight for Earth" on Global Rockstar. Thanks to you we reached our goal and finished the campaign successfully. We are very happy about that. Thanks for believing in our music. :)

Special thanks go to Andrea Maier from maierCTM for her generous investment. Check out why she supported us and what we have in common in the following video:

More info about maierCTM here:

Be a part of our new Single "Fight for Earth"

For the first time my band Global Groove LAB is working together with the label and platform Global Rockstar and you have the chance to invest into our Single. The more successful we are with our song, the more streamings and downloads we will get and the more you will profit from it.

Here´s some first impression of the song and an explanation to the project:

I would be very, very happy if a lot of you are investing into our new Single and if we spread the message of our song "Fight for Earth" all over the world together.

Here the link to the project and your support:

It´s pretty easy: go on the link Global Rockstar, decide how many percent of the master rights you want to buy, click on PLEDGE - hurray. Then you have to register and can pay your ivestment through credit or bank card. With your support we will be able to pay studio and production costs as well as promotion. Let us be successful together! :)

SURPRISE I`m gonna play one more time before my baby break!

My due date is already in the middle of March, but I couldn´t say no to my father. He has is book presentation and reading on 1st of March at Café Korb. And since the book and experiences with it are also representing my childhood, where we went to Arizona to visit the Hope (native americans) and their families also visited us in Austria, I thought I´m gonna do some new traditional repertoire (that I know from that time) for you guys at Cafe Korb. The entrance is free. Hope to see a lot of you there! :)

More of my fathers books & the Hopi:


YES I´m gonna have a big goodbye party this Friday at ZWE while singing RONJA*s Wonderland feat. ZWE´s Blues Groove. I´m gonna have a great line up with 4 horns for the first time! :) It´s gonna be souly, jazzy, bluesy and simple cool. I would love to see you guys there. In the meantime you can watch my Christmas Video that we made for you at a&b film-& video production studios Vienna with Bernhard Mayr. HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Hope you enjoy. :)


My dear fans and friends, soon I will take my baby break and not play that much. So use the chances you still get: I play on 6th of December at ART Adventmarkt Karlplatz in the first district, starting at 4 PM and also on the 15th December I will play the (last!) Wonderland feat. ZWE´s Blues Groove at ZWE in the 2nd district, starting at 8 PM. We will have a big band on stage including horn section, for the first time!!! :) Hope to see a lot of you there. In the meantime I`m already sending you some Santa Greetings and hope you like it:

GLOBAL GROOVE LAB Unplugged - Culture at Bad Vöslau

It was such a nice unplugged concert yesterday with Global Groove LAB at the City Hall in Bad Vöslau. A wonderful place with wonderful people, thank you. :)

RONJA* & The Wladigeroff Brothers

My dear people, it was so much fun with Konstantin & Alexander Wladigeroff. Two brothers who are incredible talented musicians and songwriters. I really love their tunes. Thanks to everybody who came out to ZWE & Babü to watch our concert. Check out our rehearsal and invitation video for you guys:

GLOBAL GROOVE LAB @ Strandgut Festival 2017

Get your tickets now for the Strandgut Festival on 8th of September at Oberplank in Lower Austria. Check out their Crowdfunding campaign and buy your ticket until 5th of July. We play there with GGlab and are looking forward to see you there. :)


This Friday 16th of June we will have my last Wonderland feat. Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power) at ZWE, then we will have our summer break. It´s gonna be soulful, funky and groovy, so don´t miss it. We start at 8PM. See you there :).

SZENE WORLD Opening on 28th of April 2017

Since January 2017 ((szene)) Wien & artForm are working on a new concert row called SZENE WORLD. Finally we are happy to present you the big opening this Friday at ((szene)) Wien. It´s gonna be wild and a colourful program, hope to see a lot of you there. Here our teaser for you guys. :)

Let me invite you to my next Wonderland at ZWE!

Patricia, Annie and I were celebrating the International Women´s Day together on 8th of March. We had a lot of fun recording this video for you guys. So check it out and hopefully we see each other on 17th of March at RONJA*s Wonderland feat. Patricia Hill at ZWE. :) hugz Your Robber`s Daughter*

A new video is online! 14th of February 2017

Whoop whoop, I have a new video. Big thanks to Jürgen Johannes Mempör for filming. :) Check it out, something fresh for your eyes & ears. I wish you a happy start in your week:

Whoohoo!! People it was a blast last Friday with Sankil Jones on stage for my first Wonderland 2017. Thanks for coming and don´t miss the next one on 17th of February feat. Karin Maria Bauer. Some of you might know her from her other project called Fräulein Kokett. Very much looking forward to that already. :)

Hey! I´m doing it again! Every first friday I will be hosting my Wonderland at ZWE. My first guest is Sankil Jones. Really looking forward, it´s gonna be a lot of soul, pop & r&b. Here some stuff from our rehearsing time:)

Sankil & RONJA*s invitatiton for you

Looking forward to see you there!! :)

People watch out! This Wednesday I´m playing with the one and only famous ZOË Straub!! Together with my band LIVING TRANSIT we gonna rock the Sargfabrik. Here´s ZOË and my personal invite for you guys:

ZOË & RONJA* laden ein

Hope to see you there!! :)

It´s gonna be arleady the second time for me organizing the Global Beatz Festival with artForm on 7th of October at the ((szene)) Wien. My band Global Groove LAB is gonna play together with Özlem Bulut and Adam Project. I´m really looking forward to that one and hope to see a lot of you there!! More info:

Big thanks to Jörg Joachim for his awesome interview wiht me!!! You can find the interview on his Blog:

RONJA*s Wonderland @ ZWE
Every first Friday of the Month I´m inviting different singers and songwriters to the jazzclub ZWE. It´s a wonderful cozy place where we play together a mix of Motown, R&B, Soul & Jazz. :) More infos:

Thanks to all the people who came out ont 4th of May to Ostklub, it was a wonderful night I really loved it!!! Thanks also to all my musicians and all the people who helped making it possible!! Bernie, Colin, Mesi, Matthias, Markus, Bobbi, Esther, my sister, Matija, my brother.... thank you! :0)

Dear Friends & Fans!
March 4 save the date, we´re gonna have a big doubble concert with LIVING TRANSIT & Global Groove LAB @ OstKlub. Be there! :0)

artForm presents:
"Global Groove LAB" - Concert & Jam!
Every first Wednesday of the Month @ Luftbad, Luftbadgasse 17 1060 Vienna
Next upcoming date 7th of March, 10PM Musicians bring your Instruments! I´m looking forward to see some of you guys there!!:0)

The photos of the concert & exhibiton row "PHASENWEISE" presented by artForm are waiting for you to take a look at it!
Check them out for free and write something in our menstruation book @ EGA, Windmühlgasse 26, 1060 Vienna Mo- Thirs 9:00 AM - 4:00PM, Fr 9:00 AM -1:00 PM

July 2011

ATTENTION! LIVING TRANSIT Soul- Brunch @ Gastmeisterei in Klosterneuburg is starting 1 week later with the 31th of July. Every Sunday enjoy your morning with best grooves & good food!:0)

June 2011

2morrow - 27th of June, I´m playing with LIVING TRANSIT @ Monday Night Live presented by Rai Benson the Session in Luftbad. LIVING TRANSIT WITH DRUMS! Don´t miss it!:0)Looking forward to see some of you guys there!:0)

Starting with 24th of July LIVING TRANSIT is playing every Sunday the JAZZ- SOUL BRUNCH @ Gastmeisterei Klosterneuburg:

I wish you a great hot SUMMER!!!:0)


June 2011

Right now I´m part of different projects and founded my own organisation called artForm for realizing all my ideas.

Be part of artForm´s first women project called PHASENWEISE on 5th july in EGA, Windmühlgasse 26, 6th district vienna, free entry it starts at 7pm: vernissage- video- music performance!!!!

...and also to mention Global Groove LAB, i will be in the opener of the world jam session in luftbad at june 21st, starts at 11pm, entry 5€, free for musicians! So come and jam with me! Looking forward to see some of you guys out there,


January 2011

Hey guys!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and let this year be a great one!!! I had my first gig at new years eve and a lot of fun:0) hope to see you soon at my concerts,

October 19 2010
hey, I gave an interview for the Burgsee- Kurier, it´s in german, but if you guys are interested take a look at:
its called "Einmal RONJA- immer RONJA", have fun reading it!:0)
kisses RONJA

October 04 2010
here it is the Colibri promo trailer, take a look at my media stuff in videos... ;0)
... enjoy.
kisses RONJA

July 29 2010
Hello everybody,

COLIBRI finally has it´s new myspace with new pics!! Take a look:

Enjoy the summer!:0)