Singer - Songwriter - Vocal Coach

Little RONJA* (aka Raphaela Buschenreiter) was born in Bad Aussee, a little town in the middle of Austria and she grew up in even a smaller town  in the middle of the Alps: Obersdorf. She roamed the deepest styrian forests and fields and learned to jump over huge rocks and waterfalls and of course also smoked cigarettes secretly in huts full of hay and picked fights with the boys. For a long time RONJA* was running through the countryside with her little gang of robbers, fighting successfully for the leader position. They explored the biggest and most beatiful caves high up in the mountains.

In the rebellious age of ten little RONJA* was already on stage dancing to the songs like „Bad“ and „Another Brick in The Wall“ and dreaming of a big dancing career. Many weekends she spent up to 6 hours in the train or in the car with her driver Daddy on her way to Salzburg to join the HipHop classes with genius „Peppi“ (Josef Meilinger).

Three years later RONJA* stumbled upon the song „House of the Rising Sun“ in a songbook of her mother and went crazy for it. She played it non-stop on the flute and it became the first song that she ever sang on stage. After that RONJA* decided not only to be a dancer, but also a singer. At this time she was inspired by the wild 60ies dancing and screaming along with the music of Janis Joplin & Jimi Hendrix.

For 8 years RONJA* got the chance to develop and present all her rebellious ideas on stage in coperation with the iMPULS Aussee. She learned how to work independently and made her own creative style. Even till today RONJA* is still coaching & giving choreografical support for the young perfomers of iMPULS Aussee.

RONJA* got her highschool diploma, the town and the  stage started to become too small for her, so she packed her bags and went to Vienna.

RONJA* studied singing, dancing & acting for 3 years on the Vienna Musical School and finished with the certificate for stage performance in 2006. She  took private singing lessons with Carole Alston, Simone Kopmajr and Simon Baddi and danced in the classes of Niels Storm Robitzky, Vanessa Andrada and Russell Adamson at the Vienna Dance Weeks.

Since that time RONJA* has been working as a singer, dancer, choreographer & coach. She played for a childrenĀ“s theatre, sang with the Franz Kirchner Big Band and toured a year as a soloist in the theatre on AIDA cruise ship. RONJA* opened some of the Funk, Soul & Blues Jam Sessions in Luftbad with Kris Jefferson (bass) and colaborate with musicians like Pavel Shalman, Jovan Torbica, Nikola Stanosevic, Carole Alston, Albert Reifert, Ulrich Radlberger, Maria Petrova, Fagner Wesley, Markus Gaudriot ...

And because thereĀ“s always more to explore and life is way too short to sit around, RONJA* is the frontwoman of the band LIVING TRANSIT & the dancegroup COLIBRI, member of Global Groove LAB (an international worldmusic project), playing in a Duo/Trio formation with Maria Petrova & Pavel Shalman and founder of artForm as well as the label artForm Music. You will find some promo tracks and video under MEDIA.

So RONJA* keeps on singing & jumping and screaming around for the spring awakening!:0) ... as long as she lives!:0)


RONJA* Singer - Dancer - Performer